Say Yes

So it's my niece's birthday and today I decided to take her and my son to an interactive children's museum. 

They ran and they played and then eventually I gave them a 15-minute warning cause we needed to go. 

My son took up a giant game of chess and I stood and watched my niece play. 

Eventually, she noticed and asked me to play a big tic tac toe game with her. 

I said yes.

…and, that lead to Hola hoop and then hop scotch, and so on and so forth. LoL. 


Yes, it felt silly, but it was also fun. 

...and it made me think about how many times saying yes to something has lead to something really great for me.

In this case, it led to a fun memory...but also, I think, it was really good for her to see me cut loose a bit and just be me.

Which got me to think about a video I posted a while ago and the lesson that moment taught me. 

Here is the video below if you are interested in seeing it:

Until next time,