What It Really Means To Be Yourself?

When I was little and I felt bad about not being like the other kids my Mom would say to me “when they wear red, you wear purple” 

Bless her little rebel heart ;)

I admire that. 

But I’ll be honest, I was conflicted by it as well. 

For the girl who felt like she was always on the outside looking in... I really didn’t want to do one more thing that would keep me separate.

As I’ve gotten older, I have come to better understand what my Mom was implying...

Though I will admit that it has taken me many years to Embrace.

I know a lot of people will talk about “being yourself” but I don’t think that many people know what that really means.

To me it means Honoring and Embracing your own way, your own style, your own rhythm...

What does that look like?

Well, to me, that looks like:

*Acknowledging the fact that I’m just not detail oriented. I can see the big picture like nobodies business but the little things... I will almost always miss.

*I LOVE to cook but I rarely cook the same thing twice (I need variety) 

*I LOVE sports 

*I LOVE to travel

*If I could travel to a sporting event... all the better

*I LOVE great conversations

*I prefer to watch movies over reading fiction

*When I do read... it’s often a book that will help me grow. 

*I don’t do well with an over packed schedule. I need space.

*I need to experience the 4 Seasons. I’ve grew up without them and have always felt something missing. It just follows my natural rhythm.

*I can work well alone but I work best with others.

*I can do so many things... but I have to be able to do them my way.

Why do I tell you all this?

Well, maybe you’re like me and you look at this list and realize your not alone. Maybe you see this list and think it’s a bit much... maybe you’re in between.

Maybe you see that I love to cook

...and, maybe you HATE to.

...but, maybe, you’re pretending like you love it. 

Because, well, “it’s expected” and, well, “shouldn’t you?” or maybe you can “make yourself”

What if you stopped that? 

How much Energy would you save? How much happier would you feel?

That is what being yourself is.

Taking the time to recognize what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Then giving yourself the permission to Own and Embrace only those things.

Despite what other people think. 

Even when no one else around you is doing it. 

Even in the face of others disagreeing and/or questioning you. 

Especially then.

Doing things your way is why you’re here. You can’t create change by being like everyone else. 

I believe that setting your Life up around what works best for you makes your Life easier, more enjoyable and a whole lot richer.

...and, hey, you never know who’s watching and who you could unknowingly be giving the permission to do the same.

Until next time,