How To Deal With Not Fitting In

voice a dream.JPG

When asked to talk about MY city and what I loved about it, I had to admit, I haven't found one.

I have been to a lot of places and enjoyed many of them. But none I can call my own.

I'm in that lovely state of in between...the still searching.

At first that use to scare me, frustrate me even, but's something I have embraced.

Its given me a great chance to explore...see...and discover.

It allows me to get to know different cultures, people, traditions and ways of life. Many of which, I have included into my own. It gets me to see the world in another way and that in turn makes my world better.

It has opened my eyes to seeing how other people live their lives, and hearing their stories, has taught me empathy. How can that ever be a bad thing?

My point. If you feel like you're floating about without a sense of direction...if you feel like you don't quite fit in...don't lament about it. Lean into it instead...embrace it...let it show you where it wants you to go...#theartofbecoming #togetherwerise.

Until next time,