The Weeds Aren’t Always A Bad Thing

I yearn to come back to this woman. 

This woman who knew her path with certainty. Who wasn't afraid of the Journey. The woman so Empowered. So willing to go there. To Express herself. To show it to the World.

We’ve been separate from each other for a few years now. But a reunion feels SO close.

Sometimes you have to look backwards. That's ok.

Sometimes you get lost in the weeds...and that's ok too.

Sometimes you lose your way and wonder if you will ever get back. 

In moments like those, I try to remind myself that there is something about that that has to be natural. 

We can't always be on ALL the time.

We don't always have it all together.

There's and Ebb and Flow to Life. 

...and as it Ebbs it helps to know there will, eventually, be a Flow. To every Valley, there is a peak. 

There is Truth in all of it. A lesson. Something we can gain.

...and that feels so Powerful. 

To know that it’s not all happening to us...but FOR us.

That all of this wandering, and sometimes back peddling, isn’t random...or aimless. 

That there’s a great plan to it all.

...a review period of sorts. 

One I plan to stay present with. 

So that, when I come back to this woman, I can come back...stronger.