Please, Don’t Let This Stop You


I was dancing the other the living room.

I was listening to the music...moving my body when all of a sudden insecurity crept thoughts went to...

Am I doing this right?

What if someone was watching? Would they think I looked like an idiot? Like I was trying too hard?


I was by myself! What the fuck did it matter?

But still, those thoughts were there.

Was I doing it the “right way”? 

My thoughts began to go to this person and then that person...I started to compare myself to them...or I imagined their judgment.


I could feel my body tightening and before long I stopped moving.

It’s those thoughts that have kept me from fully expressing myself. Not just in dancing. 

It is those same thoughts, along with others, that have kept me at times from putting my Self out there in the World.

Am I doing it the “right way”? 

To answer the thoughts in my mind...I don’t know.

All I know is I can dance because I have a body and the ability to do it...anything else is born out of the pure Desire to Express my Self...


...if I can get out of my own way and Allow my Self to do it HOWEVER I want then I know that I can taste REAL Freedom...

Here is what else I have concluded...

When it comes to creating writing a book, making a movie, or painting a picture...I don’t know about the “right way” to do it. 

What I do know is I can learn or pick up how to get it technically correct...but no one ever comes to your work for it to be technically one reads a book or looks at a piece of artwork because of perfection...they do so because they want to live through another...and there is nothing technical there... is coming through you for a REASON. So that your personality may be allowed to permeate it. To color it with YOUR style.

...and that is what people relate to.

That is why it is SO important that we not allow anyone to hold us back from our Expression, least of all, ourselves.