Do YOU Dare?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is one of my FAVORITE times of the year. 

I know not everyone celebrates it...or celebrates in different ways...I also know there is a lot going on in the World and I can feel a lot of heaviness too.

But its because of this that I Believe that this Holiday is so important. 

To me, Halloween reminds me that Life is Magical.

That there is more to Life than what we can see. 

Its about remembering that, yeah, Life is going to have its moments and its because of that its important to take a reprieve.

Yes, in some cultures its a time to remember those who have past and Honoring our Ancestors.

...but we do this as a reminder to Live.

Halloween reminds me that its okay to have fun. To be creative.

and, that those aren't kids things. 

Its taking a moment to be in the Freedom of Expression...without being someone or something else we’re not. 

Ironically, taking one step closer towards being ourselves.

To everyone out there reading this...

I wish you all a very Happy and Safe Halloween!

Until next time,

Stefanie Garcia