Believe It Or Not... The Choice Is Yours

It has become very clear to me that to manifest anything in your Life (or to create change) it comes down to one simple thing. 


It is what makes creation...creation.

Whether it’s in our work, our Lives or in the World.

You have an opportunity to choose.


A choice to speak. A choice to not speak. A choice to walk away. A choice to stay. To choose choose again.

All of it is a moment of creation and the Essence of real change.

Yes, we all may come from different circumstances and situations that make us THINK that we don’t have an ability to change things...but we do.

We can angle our Lives towards our preferences simply by choosing what we prefer over what we have.

This is also true when it comes to the people we choose to be around...the conversations we choose to have...the environments we choose to be in. We get to choose what we prefer, and when we do, I Believe the Energy of Life rises up to support us.

Knowing this is better than any manifestation tip they can give you. 

Cause even Manifestation is a choice. A moment of decision towards what you are wanting.