Choosing Between Better and Best

Let me tell you a story, about a girl who had to choose between better and best.

I had been needing a car for a really long time. 

My transmission was going out. It was literally a roll of the dice whether or not I would be able to get from point a to point b let alone out of my driveway every time I turned on the car. But I kept putting it off.

The day came where I KNEW I couldn’t put it off any longer. I pulled into the dealership and that's as far as my car got. It was clear that I had to choose something that day cause I wasn't going anywhere. 

I had an idea in mind about what I wanted. We looked around and I remained open. 

Eventually, the choice came down to two options. 

A Ford Edge and a Chevy Malibu.

Now the car types in this story don’t matter. 

Neither one...were bad.

The Ford Edge was a car I had wanted for a long time. One I had chosen years prior. One I thought that if I bought a new car...that's what I would choose. But during my time with the car that was falling apart I had slowly been envisioning something new.  Something completely different. Something I had never had before. The Chevy Malibu was EXACTLY that.  

The price of each vehicle was the same. 

This should have been a no brainer. One car was practically new the other so much older. One had a lot of wear and tear and the other a small scratch.

But there I was going around and around agonizing over the decision. Leaning heavily towards the older car with the wear and tear. 

It was, in my mind, the “good enough” car until I could “one day” upgrade. But the upgrade was right in front of me and I was resisting it hard.

Looking back I realize now that this was more than a choice between cars. 

More than a choice about what I wanted vs what I thought I wanted. It was bigger.

The choice REALLY was about what I wanted vs what I felt I was worthy of having.

Between where I had always been vs what I had always chosen.

Backward vs forward.

What I had always had vs more.

But I was resisting because...

Who was I to have this?

Who was I to choose more?

Shouldn't I have done something more to deserve this?


Could it really be this easy? 


If we choose it to be.

I’ve had to choose between better and best a couple times since that day.

...and I’ve waffled a couple times with those decisions too.

I think that may be a part of the process of up leveling an I’m not sure if it gets easier.

But I do know Life is better for it and when you choose best the sky opens for you and adventure leads the way. 

So here’s to new possibilities and choosing the best for yourself.

May your choice be an easy one.