Dear World, Pt 2


Deep what now? 

I was going to go to sleep but felt the deep need to say something to you all.

I think this night has definitely given us all room to pause and notice something unseen. To realize that we....must....RISE.

If you were looking to Hillary Clinton to become President in order to stand up as a stronger woman. To walk in Pride. To fully own yourself. To speak up. Then go on, strut your stuff babe.

If you're looking to Trump to fix our country and what you feel is broken...ask yourself, "In What Ways"? Then go about doing it. We're you offended by how he acted...then don't stand for it when it's happening to your neighbor. 'Cause its time to take back our power and take what's important to us out of the hands of someone else. 

It's time to stop relying on someone else to get things done for us... It's time to stop looking for solutions outside of ourselves. 'Cause's been in you all along. 

You physically have a part in fixing any problem you see, and it's time to stop waiting for someone else, who has less invested, to do it. 

Believe it our not, now more than ever, we stand more United then we are divided. If we really look at it that way.

We are not powerless here. We are not without options. We have more power than we are aware of and greatness lies within us all. 

We have more control over this situation then we give ourselves credit for, because we can make change right now. Without a vote.

The problem has been that we have waited too long and relied too much on someone or some government to make the changes that we want to see....but we are the home of the brave and live in the land of the free... The question is, what are you gonna do with it? 

Until next time,