Don't Let Them Take It From You

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A girl, on her first day of work, was being treated very harshly. Unwarranted I might add. It hurt her, I could tell...And it hurt me to watch. There was a real lack of compassion. 

It changed her and I watched her come out guns a blazin'. I watched her take the negativity directed at her, and put it back out into the world. But it changed nothing. That snarky person still remained the same and that girl still remained in pain.

I've been there. 

It can be all too easy, especially if you're a sensitive person like I am, to let the world change you. To let the darkness, hurt, and pain of the world dim the light you bring to it. 

If you're feeling this way. I'm gonna tell you something I just shared with my son this morning, who is also sensitive. 
We all have value. It is our own, God given birthright...and it can't be taken away by anybody. It doesn't matter who that person is. It does not matter whether someone is mean to you, cruel to you, doesn't believe in you, or casts you away like you don't matter. YOUR value, what you have to offer the world, remains the same. It can't be changed nor taken away...but it CAN be hidden. Don't let it be. Go out, create your work.

This quote is a great reminder. Sensitivity isn't a bad thing, it's important...And even though others may not be able to handle your light, doesn't mean that it isn't needed.

Just because the world shows you one way of doing things doesn't mean it can't be changed. It can learn a different way. Let the world change. You remain the same. It gets darker, you get brighter. If it goes low, you go high. Let the world's need for what you have to offer it fuel you. To all the change makers...#togetherwerise .

Until next time,