What If You're Afraid To Succeed?

The one thing that I've learned about dealing with any kind of fear is that, at first it paralyzes you. You feel stuck, like you can't move. It doesn't matter how much you want to. And, when it comes to different areas of your life, like career, that can feel maddening.


...it can also be enlightening.

I've learned to really be a detective in the area's of my life were I feel stuck the most, or feel some form of Resistance...and it's been very valuable to me.

That being said, I have also found fear to be very tricky. Take fear of success for instance. It's more of an onion isn't it? It's got a lot of layers. You can say that you're afraid to succeed...but have you ever asked yourself why?

Well, there in lies the complexity...

The Real Fear

So, why are you afraid of success? To have it all?

Is it because you're afraid of being seen as phony? How about making a mistake? Or, are you afraid of not being good enough?

How about value?

Are you afraid no one will buy from you? Or, appreciate you? Or, are you afraid no one will accept you? 

Bingo! That's what it was for me...and if you're anything like me in that. Let's walk through it together, cause I held on to this fear for a long time and I never even knew I had it. But please don't take this fear at face value, cause I've learned that it went much deeper than that. 

Getting Started

I, for one, never would have known how deep my issue with this was until I used EFT, also known as Tapping. If you don't know what Tapping is you can watch my video here to learn more about it. You can also search You Tube, using the word Tapping, to find a slew of people and topics to help you. I prefer Brad Yates work, so that's whose videos I will share with you here. 

EFT has worked for me in many amazing ways, and as I have said before, if something has been beneficial to me I share it with all of you. 

So let's begin. 

Now, I listed a few videos below in the order that I used in order to get through this issue. Because I realized that I was afraid of quite a few things at the same time. Like I said, layers...

Seeing my own value. REALLY seeing it. That was the first step. The second was not being afraid to be powerful. That was a BIG one for me. Because in order to truly see your own value you have to be OK with being good enough. But, not just good enough, GREAT. Because you ARE great. Accepting that, however, can feel scary. So let's Tap on it... 

How are you feeling? POWERFUL I hope. That's right, babe. Go on and strut it!

But, maybe you're not feeling very powerful. Or, maybe you are, but something else is coming up.

In this moment, you just may be feeling VERY powerful...but what if someone where to come along and challenge you? Question you? Try to get you to believe you're not good enough? What then? Do you start to feel diminished?

There's another layer here, and it's the Fear Of Being Judged. So one more time, here we go...

Brad Yates has so many videos on his You Tube channel, so click here to explore.

Until next time,