Forest Meditation


The Hawk Called. I came.

Into the forest it said. I went.

Over branches. Under tree limbs.

"Go,” They said “Keep moving forward,”

There is a way through. If you will let go... you will know it.

“Play,” said the squirrel

Be not afraid of the thorns.

Step on them.

“Fear not the forest,” They said, “You are almost there.”

Fear not the Unknown.

Because there is a beauty to be found in it. If you dare to follow.

I did.

To the center of the forest where purple wildflowers grew and bees and butterflies flew galore.

I took in the vastness of their beauty.

...and when my time with them was done my eyes fell upon a new path.

But I rejected it.

“Come this way,” They said.

I doubted.

...and I struggled.

Through the thicket and the thorns.

“Come this way. Come this way,” They said “We will clear a path for you”

I followed.

Every move a struggle.

“Come this way. Come this way,” They said, “We will clear a path for you where there seems to be none.”

I bled.

“Come this way,” They said.

I wondered.

I questioned.

They stopped me. A gnarled vine on my leg.

“Take this,” They said, “Let it be a reminder.”

So I did.

“Come this way. Come this Way. We will clear a path for you.”


Look up.


...and the path appeared.

The forest let me go.

...and I left with a smile.

...then the Cricket said.

Now Leap.

Stefanie GarciaComment