O Ye Of Little Faith

From my Journal:


I’ve been going on and on about how lowly I am for having taken a job as a waitress to make the ends meet.

Worrying that I would amount to nothing. Feeling like I’d fallen so far.

If there’s been one thing I’ve noticed about the stories and documentaries that I’ve been watching this year so far it’s this... don’t judge someone from where they are positioned in life. 

Don’t judge their potential by the job they hold right now or the clothes they wear as they sit beside you on the train. 

You know not what gifts God has planted within them. You have no clue how far they’ll climb. You have no idea what is in store for them.

Now I must turn that same thought back on to myself...

Stefanie, you know not the full potential that radiates inside of you. You cannot fathom how far you will go. So judge yourself not for where you are right now. Because YOUR story has only just begun. 

Feel however you feel about her politics, but I just saw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the cover of Time magazine today and it struck me. 

She looks like me... she’s relatable to me... and a year ago she was a waitress like me and now she’s in Congress.

I saw that cover and I got it. 

God can move mountains in an Instant. An Instant.

If only you’d have but the Faith of a mustard seed.

Believe Stefanie. Believe.

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