How To Stop Caring About What People Think

So, I'm just gonna jump in with this one. Cut right to the chase.

What I have learned is...if you're afraid of what other people think...two things are going on.

First, they're mirroring what you're already thinking.

...and, second, you're using it as an excuse to stop yourself from doing what you already Know you're meant to do. what do I mean by mirroring?

What I mean is, if you keep feeling that no one around you believes in you, or supports you or tells you that you can go for it when it comes to that thing you want to create, do, or have....the source of this tension is not’s you. Now, follow me here.

Think about it.

All of the things they are saying to you. We’re they the first to say them? Or, was that YOU? How many times have you said the EXACT same things they are yourself? Coincidence? I think not.

People respond to your Energy.

So, if you're feeling insecure...if you're already saying that kind of thing to yourself...than like attracts like. a’s a good thing.

Anytime that I start to notice outer chaos like that in my life. That is a big red flag showing me where I'm blocking myself inside. on the inner self talk and some of the outer stuff will subside.

Now, here is where you might be saying, Stefanie, you don't know my Stepmother. She is particularly nasty about things.

Got it.

That might be the case. But it's not her Life you're Living...which brings me to point number two.

You KNOW what you want to do. You KNOW in your heart you want to go for that trip. Or, create that piece of art. Or, write that story or start that blog....and you say that your friend, STEPMOTHER, boyfriend will judge you for it. Or, scoff at it. Or, say it's weird, question it, or say something harsh or condescending about it.

They might.

Not gonna say they won't. But what I AM gonna say is...move forward anyway. takes courage.


Putting yourself out there like that, in front of people that feel like they have a right to give their opinion, can feel really scary. No one wants to feel ostracized. No one wants to feel bullied. No one wants to feel separate...or alone.

But what you are seeking in your Life is on the other side of what you fear.

Two of my favorite quotes for times like these are:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

...and, the second is:

“In God, I Move and Breath and Have My Being.”

Perhaps these will help you., let’s talk about one more thing.

If it’s something you’re really Called to be doing...if you know it in your Heart...if it’s something you’re TRULY interested in. Then, why be afraid of someone else’s judgement? Why does it matter?

...and, why give those closest to us, or even people we don’t know, a say on it?

....cause it’s a nice distraction.

You see, if you REALLY want to do go on a date with that really cute guy/girl or attend that concert that you’re dying to go to...NOTHING is gonna stop you. NOR, does it matter what others will say to you. Am I right?

But this thing...

This thing that you want to do. This place you want to go. This thing you want to create. That you want to have. This person you want to be.

Deep down’re glad to have a reason not to do it.

Why?’re afraid.

Something about this thing you want to be, do or have...this place you want to go and’s in Alignment with who you are meant to Lights your Soul up in some way....and that feels scary. You might even be afraid of what that will bring.

Worrying about what other people will think is your way of staying safe. Cause then you don’t have to take action.

Does this resonate?

Yet, is that the kind of Life you want to lead?

...yes, others may scoff....judge you...question you... or say hurtful things. Again, not gonna say they won’t. Not gonna say it’ll feel good. But I am gonna say...


What matters is what YOUR Heart is Calling for. What makes YOUR Soul come Alive. YOUR LIFE. That is what you are responsible for...not the approval of others. Again, it takes Courage...but it is a key step in the Art Of Becoming.

...and, even if they do say something, let your Intuition Guide you towards what to do next. Maybe consider whether you want that kind of energy in you Life at the end of the day.

So, on that note, I'll leave you with one more quote:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

Until next time,