When Life Gives You Boulders

Hey Everyone!

I just did a video last week that I think all of you may find useful. Especially at this time of year when, everywhere you look, you might be seeing a message about finishing this year strong or the whole “new year new you” thing.

...and you may be feeling like you do want to finish this year strong...but what if life, despite you wanting to charge forward, just seems to keep pulling you back for some reason? 

That can be incredibly frustrating and bring up a lot of stuff...

That’s exactly what my friend Ann Perry and I talk about in the video below. 

In it we talk about 4 ways to cope with the feelings that come up when life stalls.

Here is a recap of the 4 things Ann and I talk about, as well as, the poem I read at the end...and if you want to learn more about Ann’s work you can visit her site here.

1) Have compassion for yourself- It’s really important to know that you are in process...you are not broken. We don’t know what’s going on in the background...how long it’s taking the people involved to make decisions and move things forward. It takes time. So instead, sit in the Unknown...as uncomfortable as that is...and be in anticipation of the Solution. It will come...busy yourself. Trust. 

Also, its ok to feel frustrated...and when you do...its ok to call a friend and talk to them about it. Not to complain. Vent, yes. Just remember to take your Energy back up.

2) Forgive Yourself- It’s ok to not know. Sometimes others will question you and you may feel like something is wrong with you but there isn't. The answers will come...in time.

3) Gratitude- do you not always have all that you need? Not recognizing that...not appreciating that is kinda like a slap in the face to the Universe. Gratitude helps you to keep perspective.

4) Letting Go and Surrendering- You can make a lot of stuff happen but that is not the co creative process. That is your own ego agenda at work. You have to check yourself cause often it’s in opposition to Divine Creation....and a distraction from your Real work. One way to know is based on how much you're pushing and how much you're struggling and just how much grief you're feeling. When they say let go and surrender they are really saying let go and surrender to the process and let the river take you to where you are meant to be. Plant the seed and by practicing you water it. 

The Poem

As in the nature of things,

there is a time for being ahead

and a time for being behind;

a time for ease

and a time for strain;

a time to be hard

and a time to be soft;

a time to grow in strength

and a time to decay.

The Sage therefore

avoid excess, extravagance and extremes.

–  Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 29

There is a time for everything & everything in its time.

Until next time,