It's Not About Them. It's Not About You Either.

It feels right to do but you feel so. very. afraid.

You’re scared of what they will say. You’re more afraid of what they might do.

So you hesitate.

You hold back you’re words. 

You stifle your actions.

You get choked up in front of people. 

You freeze when the attention is on you.

You step back when you get challenged.

You become content with not playing at all.

You become comfortable with not stepping out.

...and over time this has become your norm.


What could they ever possibly say that you haven’t already told yourself a hundred times before?

What could they possibly do? 

Really... stop and ask yourself that.

Is there any Truth in that fear?

The path to change in our Lives lives in going into the caves of our fears and really facing them. 

Could it be possible that your fear isn’t even about anyone else at all?

...but your own fears of stepping out of the norm and into your own.


Are you afraid to rock the boat?

What if that is what the World needs from you? 

Even if it’s just within your own family and friends. 

Even if your actions are small.

You never know the ripple effects of showing your True Self. 

Of Living your OWN Life instead of the one expected by others. 

Some food for thought.

Until next time,


Stefanie GarciaComment