Something To Do While You Wait

I was talking to my sister this morning and she mentioned how she was delving into some creative projects while she was waiting for some things to come together.


That got me thinking. What do we do while we are "waiting" in our Lives? Those periods of time where we've done all that we can do and now we are "waiting" to see what happens next.

I know for myself, that I’ve worried....I’ve stressed...I’ve complained. I've tried to control the situation and I’ve tried to DO something in order to feel productive.

None of which have been effective and none of it changed the outcome In any way. All I succeeded in doing was feeling like crap along the way.

But being creative? Preoccupying myself by enjoying my Life? Having fun? Now that's an interesting concept.

But that’s not necessarily our default setting, is it?

I think for many of us it can feel uncomfortable....or like we’re wasting our time. As if worrying, stressing and controlling are productive in some way.

Busying yourself with something enjoyable and fun...may not be “effective” in the traditional sense. It may not necessarily change the outcome. But you may feel a whole lot better along the way.

...and isn’t that something to consider?