Sometimes The Lesson Hurts


Sometimes we equate working harder, longer, and faster as the only way to accomplish anything…and I will say that there are moments where that is necessary. But other times, less is more.

Yesterday I was pushing so hard that by body just said STOP and I was hit with a headache so bad it made me nauseous.I could do nothing more than rest.

It’s in those moments that I stop and listen. I know the Universe is trying to tell me something and I’m all ears.

Stopping, or even slowing down just a little bit, allows you to see things differently. Slowing down allows you to get clearer on where you’re aiming….so you can move the arrow in such a way that you may have missed before. Sometimes slowing down allows you to see where you’re off track and in all of your “striving” you were actually going the wrong way. You get clearer on your hearts desire, so that you can actually take the RIGHT steps to get there.

Today, I have accepted that message and am all the better for it.

Here’s to everyone slowing down so we can all speed back up (in the right way) .