Starting Over

They say the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes...

I think I’m finally starting to get what that means.

It’s reaching a point where we’ve unlearned all that we’ve “known” and we begin again. 

This time creating our lives with more Intention and less expectation.

Seeing the people around us as people. Flawed human beings.

...and doesn’t that all make us the same?

Reaching the bottom and instead of seeing it as the end you remind yourself that you’ve been there before and you’ll get back up better than ever.

....and if it happens’ll bounce back then too.

You stop beating yourself up for not knowing what you don’t know.

You let go of needing to know it all now.

You don’t see your failures as failure.

You let go of the finish line cause you realize there is no race.

You let go of the map because you realize that YOU are the destination. 

The “Unknown” becomes not so scary anymore.

...and you realize THIS is living in your True Power.