An Ode To Renewal

I walked into a forest

That called me from afar

As I entered, It greeted me

The path was not clear, and yet as I wandered, I was not lost

A Hawk appeared...It said “Soar Higher”

A Deer appeared...It said “Be Gentle”

A Blue Jay appeared...She said “Come This Way” 

I followed.

“This Way...This Way...”

I knew not where I was going

...and yet I was not afraid.

I turned to leave and It called me deeper

I did not resist the thorns that grabbed at me

...and they release Their grip

“Come to the waters” I heard 

...and at them She appeared 

A Lady cloaked in blue

I came to Her

...and at her feet I wept

What a long time it had been

The Blue Jay appeared again..She said “Here.”

A woodpecker knocked and asked...”Can you Hear It?”

Stefanie GarciaComment