Sometimes it doesn't feel good to start where you're at. 

To begin at the beginning. 

Especially when you're looking at other people and they look like they're so much further ahead.

Sometimes it doesn't feel good to go your own way. 

To do your own thing. 

To go against the grain.

To turn your back on how it's always been done.

To Trust your Self and what you Know in your Heart and Soul to be True.

But it is the path of the Trailblazer and the Changemaker. 

No, it doesn't feel good to let the old way go. To let things die off. 

Even if you know it's gonna be better. It still doesn't feel good.

It takes Guts.

To be Willing to let go of the limits and pave your Own way.

To Trust your Self. To Trust what you Know. Even if when seems crazy....and no one else is doing it or can see where you're coming from. 

To be willing to let things go.

Even when you're unsure. 

Yet, this is the path to More.

Give yourself permission to Die to the old.

In order to be born anew.