Do You Like Reese's Or Snickers?


When I was little, I remember going to the grocery store with my Mom. She would always let my siblings and I pick out candies while we waited in line.

We would always usually pick peanut MM’s. My Mom liked it... so we liked it and I don’t think we really questioned it. 

Then one day, I decided to follow a hunch that I wanted something new. I tried a Take 5 bar... and realized I preferred it much more.

Here’s why it’s significant...

I remember feeling guilty. Weird even, for liking something different than everyone else around me.

It’s similar to living in a mobile home and suddenly preferring to living a two-story duplex when NO ONE you know has ever owned one.  

Now, those thoughts could have just been those of a child. But I think it speaks to something so much more.

For me, it was the beginning of stepping out of the crowd. Of recognizing my difference. The beginning thoughts of wondering if that was OK...

I remember talking to a client of mine about this the other day.

We were talking about how we can begin to bring our true selves out into the world, stop hiding and begin to let go of what others are expecting. 

I really believe this is where it begins. 

Determining our preferences.

...and it could be in simple things like:

Do you like vanilla ice cream or pistachio?

Or, do you like sherbet?

Why do you like it?

DO you even like it? 

Or, is it just what everyone else is eating?

I’ve seen SO many people doing things unconsciously. Like going to stores they don’t like but keep going to because everyone else does it. Or, it’s convenient. With little thought about how they want to feel while they shop. 

...and there’s nothing wrong with judgment here.

All I know is that it’s got me thinking.

If we get the privilege to Live this amazing Life full of so much freedom...

Wouldn’t it be good to consider what we prefer?

Think about it.

Stefanie GarciaComment