What Do YOU want?

A woman I met this weekend asked me to tell her what my best and worst childhood memory was.

I told her...my best memories were playing pretend with my brother and sister when we were little and my worst were those of my parents arguing all the time.

She then told me...that the first memory told her that I like all things creative. That is true. I really am an Artist through and through.

She then said to me that the second memory told her that I seek beauty in my environment and really go out of my way to make sure everything is harmonious around me.

True as well.

Oh, but that one got me to recoil. Once I recognized the Truth of what she said. Once I realized my Desire for it. Something inside of me tightened up. As if wanting beauty and harmony around me was a bad thing. Unrealistic even.

...and, it got me to thinking.

Why is it so hard to want what we want? To ask for what we need...want even? Why do we feel like we have to be OK with what is or how it's always been? Even if it's what our Heart and Soul is Calling for. Why are we ok with the status quo?


I have seen people be swamped but refuse to ask for help...absolutely miserable but act like everything is ok. As if having or going for what we Desire is somehow an inconvenience to ourselves or others.

Perhaps you can relate.

...I share this because I know we have the Power to make a change if we want to. We can choose the Life we want to create....and the only one standing in the way is us.

Have the courage to reach for your Desires my friends.

...and be unapologetic in doing so.

Until next time,