What To Do When You Feel Like You Can Do Nothing


I just saw an interview last night about Tom Hiddleston visiting the South Sudan for Unicef and UnicefSSudan...and I have to say that I'm very impressed. 
It takes alot of guts to go into places like these, in the mists of civil war and great hardships, and risk your safety... all to see first hand what's going on....and then bring back that information so that the message can be spread across the world.

In this Digital Age, it doesn't take long for us to hear about some big news event happening. 
However, whether it's hearing about the things going on in the Sudan or the horrible things happening in places like Aleppo, it can easily feel overwhelming. You may feel like there are so many places that need your help and wonder where to start. 

You may be wondering what you could do. You may be wondering if what you COULD do would be too small. You may even be tempted to not take action at all...wondering "what's the use". So let me say this....whatever action you take, big or small, if you are coming from a place of love or light that is a huge step in the right direction...and it goes a long way towards combating this. 
Don't lose hope. I share this today to let you know that there IS hope. There are people out there doing great work. There are people out there like Tom spreading the message. There are people like The White Helmets who literally carrying people out of the rubble. Go support them. Support the people out there doing the work that needs to be done...and then turn to your corner of the world and see what you can do.

Today, I went and bought my Mom some hot chocolate to stay warm at work. Then I drove 2 hours to get my dog the help he needs, I smiled at the Barista at Starbucks and wished her a Merry Christmas, and later I WILL donate. . Today, I'm doing my part. Tomorrow, I'll do the same..and so on. 
But let me ask you. What will you do? Please share in the comments below....#togetherwerise

Until next time,