What To Do When Your Family Doesn't Support What You Do

When you come into a family there is an expectation that everyone should care, be supportive, and always loving.

...and in an ideal World they would.

But dynamics are tricky and Humans are complicated...and it's hard to know why people do what they do.

I have come to find that you are not always going to get 100% support from those around you for what you want to do...and in some cases...you may get less than 10.

You may even find that those who you expected to be there for you...aren't.

Do you anyway.

Their lack of support isn't about you. If you look closer, you may find that it's actually more about them. Their fears...their limits...their lack of Believing....where they are in their Life currently...their own past conditioning.

...but their mindset shouldn't dictate what you accomplish.

If what Calls you feels right and in your Heart you know it's True...then you need to do it. .

See the lack of support from others as your Sign to support your Self more.

Until next time,