Where To Start?


Beginning anything can be intimidating.

Beginning anything that MATTERS to you... now that can be scary. Vulnerable even.

Cause you care about the end result.

Add to it that beginnings aren’t something we’re used to seeing. 

Usually, people will gloss over them and pretend to the outside world that they are further along than they really are. 

When we compare ourselves to where we perceive them to be... we’re left with the feeling like we’re lesser than or that there is something wrong with us or what we are doing. 

But there’s not. 

It’s normal to begin.

...and your path is not the same as anyone else’s.

It’s uniquely your own. 

That being said, I know how overwhelming it can feel and you may be tempted to quit before you even get started. 

So I’m gonna give you a piece of advice that I’ve picked up from my own experience. 

Let go of the destination.


Let go of the “there” you think you need to be. 

Because this path that you’re on. This thing you’re beginning... it’s a Journey. Not a Journey fixated so much on where you are going but rather on who you are Becoming along the way in order to claim it. 

It is a process of growth, that will challenge you and stretch you, but also surprise and delight you.

It’s a Journey that, if you open yourself up to it, you and your work will be all the better and richer for having embarked on it.

So embrace it. 

Embrace every twist... every turn... every up... every down... every moment of questioning done by yourself and by others.  Choose to stand up, and every time you get lost, choose to find the road and start again.

Here’s to new beginnings.